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Nigerian company emerges as the first producer of medical face masks in Sub-Saharan Africa

In the global quest to find a panacea to tackle COVID-19, medical precautions such as the use of face masks are considered preventive measures.

A Nigerian company, Transgreen Nigeria Limited, has premiered the production of medical face masks in Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). The face mask, branded O-Care Medical Face Mask, is the first certified and registered medical face mask in SSA approved by World Health Organization (WHO).

In an interview with the Managing Director of Transgreen Nigeria Limited, Mr. Cyprian Orakpo, he elucidated how the local production of medical face masks by the company would help tackle COVID-19.

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On his view about the COVID-19 pandemic, Mr Orakpo emphasized how the pandemic has changed the world, the people living in it, and how its emergence affects various sectors. He reiterated that the pandemic is not a respecter of institutions, houses, businesses, or any personality.

When further asked about his take on the world’s quest for solutions, Mr Orakpo mentioned how COVID-19 caught the world unaware and how so much is yet to be discovered about the pandemic, making the cure for it knotty.

In the absence of curative drugs and vaccines, the MD affirmed that precautionary measures such as personal hygiene, the use of face masks, distancing, and other measures have become the solution and a sort of national security.

Mr Orakpo showed his displeasure in some privileged nations that banned the export of their medical devices to other countries. He said it was embarrassing to him that there was no manufacturing facility for local medical face mask in Nigeria before the COVID-19 outbreak. “That was why Transgreen Nigeria Limited rose up to fill that void in order to promote health security across the nation.”

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He mentioned how the company started their process in May and how production came to pass. He said they had to transport 26 metric tons of machines and raw materials, more than a cargo boeing 737 down to Nigeria.

“O-Care Medical Face Mask is the brand name of Transgreen Nigeria Limited. It is a three-ply face mask which is of best quality, durable, helps in protection against dust, bacteria, all known viruses, and is produced according to WHO standards,” Mr Orakpo stated.

Source: ThisDay Newspaper

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