When a shining star falls and the clouds darken, gloom fills the heart.

The painful exit of Gbadebo Richard, a 300 level student of European Studies, German Unit, University of Ibadan remains indelible to all and sundry. The gruesome incident occurred at the very early hours of the day—Tuesday, 28th July, 2020—at an industrial and soap and detergent producing company, WAW Nigeria, Oluyole, Ibadan, which is a subsidiary of Henkel Expand Global Industries.

At the time of the incidence, the deceased was said to be in operation of a heavy duty mechanical equipment.



Due to the harsh economic effect of COVID-19, the promising chap had to engage in an employment in the industry to support himself and his family at large—for he was not a student on Industrial Training.

A careful observation on the Twitter handle of WAW NIGERIA reveals her bio update – “We take the safety of our consumers very serious”. It is such an irony as they put the life of workers and operators at greater risk. The deceased who is just 20 years old is neither a mechanical engineer by profession nor a student in the engineering discipline. How then could he be allowed to work without due supervision?

The management of the company has not broken silence on the alleged death of her worker. Also, the remains of the deceased have not been released to his family. A protest was staged in the front of the premises of the factory, led by the family of the deceased seeking the body of their beloved.

Many questions emanate from the thought box of masses: “Why is the deceased remains still in their custody?”, “Is the company not bound to award compensations to the deceased family?”, “Would this not be a lesson to them against futuristic occurrences?”



In reality, if not for COVID 19, the young chap will not be found there. But since it has come to stay, what progressive moves have been made to reinstate the State to it’s former state?

May it be stated that tens of thousands of students are in this condition just for the sake of the era. Will companies and industries not take the life of their workers serious and as pivotal?

Till his last, Richard was a friend and colleague and had the heart of everyone to him.


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  1. This is so pathetic.He might have scaled through this if we were in School but No government wouldn’t open schools for us! I am so sorry. May the Lord give the family,great fortitude to bear this loss! Rest on Richard!

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