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COVID-19: We Can’t Mobilize Prospective Corps Members Now – NYSC DG

The Director-General (DG) of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), Ibrahim Shuaibu, has said that there are no immediate plans for the mobilization of prospective Corps members in the country for the compulsory scheme due to the Coronavirus outbreak.
He made this known during an interview with Economic Confidential. He stated that only Batch A, Stream 1, who were asked to leave camp due to COVID-19 would be asked to complete orientation.
In his words, “We don’t know when we are going to start mobilizing our corps members. You know our training is also structured like that of the military and paramilitary. You can see that the Nigerian Navy recently suspended its training for its freshly recruited cadets. This is consistent with the “safety first” policy he mentioned when the NYSC was suspended in March, 2 months ago during his interview with the NTA.

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“So, in the moment the coast is clear, we are going to key into the way others will conduct their exercise so that our corps members can be called back soonest.”

It should also be noted that some previous batches of Youth Service Corps members from the previous year are set to round off their youth service year on 28 May, 2020. With a substantial amount of their service year happening during the coronavirus pandemic, would the NYSC sign them out in the end of the month, and how would signing out be for these Corps members? In May 28, we should have possible answers to these questions.


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