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7 Interesting Facts About The UI Product leading US Search for COVID-19 Drug.

As the pandemic still persists with no vaccine yet and the virus ravaging the world with a record of 4,234,004 cases and fatalities of 285,903. In addition, most countries being subjected to lockdown and the scientists plus the health practitioners trying all their possible means to contain the situation. We present to you a Nigerian-born doctor leading a clinical trial of Remedisivir, an antiviral drug in the National Institutes of Health(NIH) which has now been proven to be effective in treating COVID-19 patients.



Who exactly is Babafemi Taiwo;
1. Babafemi Taiwo studied Bachelor in Medicine and Bachelor in Surgery(MBBS) in year 1985 and graduated in 1991 in the premier University of Ibadan. He then proceeded to Berkshire Medical Centre for his postgraduate resident training in internal medicine from where he finished in 1996
2. In 2005, Taiwo started out as an infectious diseases fellow at Northwestern Medicine
3. After publishing a lot of scholarly articles which proffered solutions to various infectious diseases threatening the world, in 2006, he was named to lead its research and work as the chief of infectious diseases.
4. As evident in his works at Northwestern and in his role as the director of research in Africa at the Institute for Global Health, Taiwo’s interest is mainly in clinical HIV/AIDS research with a focus on optimal approaches to HIV treatment using anti-retroviral drugs and the potential role of immune-based therapies.
5. In 2009, he won the John Carey Young Investigator Award, which was one of the evidences of his successes researching HIV.
6. In 2013, Taiwo, then an associate professor, started a five-year project to help Nigerian scientists stabilise the nation’s healthcare approach, with focus on the University of Ibadan where he hoped to “transform into the epicentre of neuroAIDS research in Africa.
7. Lastly, Babafemi Taiwo is a Professor and Chief, Division of Infectious Diseases, Northwestern University Feinberg, School of Medicine currently holds board certification in internal medicine and infectious disease, and has published over 120 works on medicine and health.

This pandemic too shall pass!

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