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Jaw War 2019; Is the Prophecy of the gods Coming to Pass?

Jaw war 2019 came with a lot of surprises. Who imagined any of these; Obafemi Awolowo hall seeing the almighty bello out of the competition? Lord tedder the jaguar of UI public speaking having a bad year? Or even our dear Veterinary medicine defeating Tech and making it to the semi finals?. Zik hall defeating queens? Or even sciences in the finals? Its been very interesting i say.
The tournament started and as usual, we were greeted by thrilling performances from our regular and known speakers like Chisom Anastasia, Izuka Oscar Romero, Adeyemo Mary, Asudemade Habeebulah, Adesokan Adediran, Halimat Dabana, Ayeni Otito-Jesu, Mbabie esther, Olanrewaju Moses, Sultan Habeeb and others. In same vein, we had nice performances from fresh speakers like Eguaoje Joy of idia, Bolaji taiwo of tedder, Kolawole Feranmi of agriculture, Aweda Bolaji of Veterinary medicine, Bodunde Ebenezer of zik, science and many more.
But will the prophecy of the gods come to pass? The gods were right to have promised surprises. Awo beating Bello was one, Indy beating ABH was another magic that was never meant to happen. But, the gods said there will be no female hall in the finals and listed Awo hall as one of the jokers that would just come to mark register but here’s Obafemi Awolowo hall smiling at the trophy having scored above 70 in all round except the opening day. Tedder, their opponent seems to have lost their license to thrill (pes fans would know better) they had a boring performance in the first round against Mellanby, almost crashed out in the quarter finals but qualified as best looser but had a good Semi-final and for the first time had a score that shows what tedder is known for.
Will Tedder break the curse? There has been a trend of anyone beating bello hall lifting the trophy and that looks like its happening again. But will Tedder hall having lost their last year finals to Bello hall let this slip again? Will the men in blue tie pull a magic? Will they become the first hall to have won jar war three times or again bottle this? No doubt, Obafemi Awolowo hall has been fantastic. They have fielded their best speakers and defeated even the best, becoming the second female hall to see jaw war finals (Dear Idiates, nah only you remain) but will they be the first to win? Or will it be the repeat of the year the lords from Tedder defeated and Awo refused to show up for the second leg? Your guess is as good as mine.

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Faculty categories looks like a replica of halls. Arts looks like current awo that has won jaw war before while science looks like this year’s tedder, they just lack trophy. Faculty of Arts have produced best speakers for all faculty rounds and was the faculty that won the very first jaw war. They defeated Education the defending champions of jaw war to reach the finals and have performed brilliantly. Science on the other hand has not been really spectacular, they debated unopposed in the absence of clinical sciences and had 57, they scaled through their semifinal against Veterinary medicine with less than 2 marks and are in their ever first final. Surely, science will be giving their all to this but will their best be good enough to defeat hot faculty of arts? Will Arts claim their second trophy this year? These questions would be answered on Friday.
Possible speakers: will tedder field the same combo that won their last round (Ayodele Sultan and Ayomide Yekeen?) will it be Dikibo Apollos? Sowewimo Hamid? Akinrinola Barnabas that has been in reserve? Lawal Mubarak Bella ciao crooner? Aweda Bolaji that has never spoken for tedder or who? Will Awo bring Olajesu Lords-Favour? Yusuf Aisha? Ogunbowale Feyintoluwa? Reuben Georgina? Borokini Mayowa? Halimat Dabana? Or who? Arts!! Adeyemo Mary? Sowemimo Hamid? Ogunsanya Goodness? Adetokun Samuel? Adeyinka Gold? Okwudiri Chinacherem nor who? Science: Toluwalemi Oluwadare? Abiodun Oluwadamola? Mbabie Esther? Salami Habeeb? Ejide Temitope? Bodunde Ebenezer or who? Well, jaw war final is just next tomorrow 13th December 2019, make yourself available and come cheer your constituency or better still, join me as a neutral.

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  1. Beautifully written piece. Especially with all the history imbued. Well, today is Friday. We shall know if the gods are right, or if they will ever remain crazy😁

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